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2014 Airush Compact

Manufacturer: Airush
Product Code:AR14BCW
NEW SCHOOL WAVE - At 6 inches shorter than your regular board, the Compact fits into every section of the wave imaginable; at the same time has the stability and drive to deal with high wind and bigger wave conditions. The vee bottom in the tail area allows for smooth rail to rail transitions, while the wider nose area in the entry of the board help increase planning speed over flat sections, maintaining the low end of a much longer board.


TARGET USER High wind riding or higher speed riding Rider looking for maximum control COMPARED TO THE CONVERSE Shorter overall length (Ride the Compact 5 inches shorter than the 2013 Converse) Compact has Flatter rocker Compact has V bottom (Converse is a single concave) Compact has more parallel hip section COMPARED TO THE CYPHER Compact has more rocker Compact has Narrower tail TECH FEATURES RAILS Tucked surf rails for all round wave performance. ROCKER Intermediate surf rocker for combination of speed and drive and drive through the bottom turn, while main- taining enough tail rocker for snap coming off the top. FLEX - Increased flex with the new Flytech III Bamboo. - The Active Carbon offers a patented high flex and responses Carbon construction. BOTTOM SHAPE Single concave nose area with Spiral double concave to vee in tail section. OUTLINE Full nose to compensate for reduction in length over traditional surf/wave board. Parallel hip for stability in larger surf, with rounded pin tail for snap off the top. FINS Lightweight, bombproof Hexcore AR5-DF fins are combined with the revolutionary new Surfinz box, this new box system allows up to 18mm of adjustability along fin spacing along with heavy duty construction, Patented conic screw head and fill FCS compatibility from box and fins.

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