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2014 Airush Converse Active

Manufacturer: Airush
Product Code:AR14BCA
DEDICATED SURF PERFORMANCE - Developed specifically for the advanced wave purist looking for a dedicated down the line board, the high rocker single concave shape delivers perfectly. The kite specific construction offers significantly reinforcing over a traditional surfboard. The innovative active construction offers a performance upgrade ideal for lighter wind and increased crossover surf performance. The active construction offers a performance upgrade ideal for lighter wind or crossover surf potential.


_TARGET USER Dedicated down the line wave kiter looking for pure surf performance. Strapless or strapped surf kiter who would like to have the enhanced durability when compared to a normal surfboard. Traveling kiter who wants the ersatility of having a surfboard for no wind days and a light wind kiteboard, without having to carry two boards. COMPARED TO CYPHER: More rocker than the Cypher Single Concave bottom Narrower tail TECH FEATURES RAILS Tucked surf rails ideal for down the line medium wave surf requirements ROCKER The Converse range has the most rocker of the wave series making it ideal for riders looking for a vertical style and down the line wave riding. FLEX -Increased flex with the new Flytech III Bamboo. -The Active Carbon offers a patented high flex and responses Carbon construction. BOTTOM SHAPE Single concave bottom for drive and snappy down the line riding. OUTLINE A dedicated medium size wave, surfboard outline. The intermediate hip curve and a squash tail for classic driving turns. FINS Lightweight, bombproof Hexcore AR5-DF fins are combined with the revolutionary new Surfinz box, this new box system allows up to 18mm of adjustability along fin spacing along with heavy duty construction, Patented conic screw head and fill FCS compatibility from box and fins.

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