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2014 Airush Varial X

Manufacturer: Airush
Product Code:AR14KVX
For riders looking for an extra kick in their riding, the ALL-NEW Varial X takes the lead as the highest performing all-around kite in the Airush range. A fully redesigned 3 strut SL-C, the Varial X combines the low-end power and stability of the Wave with the premium performance of the Razor to give you the best combination of freeride, wave riding, and wakestyle in a 4 line set up.


The flatter wing tips on the Varial X take the inspiration of the Razor and Wave allowing for more C-kite feel, response and direct steering that these riders have grown to love. Moderate bar pressure on the new Varial X makes it extremely easy for riders to feel the kite at every turn. This makes the kite optimal for everyday wave riding. Taking inspiration from the Razor, the Varial X has a fine foil which means that upwind ability and popping are just as good. This is optimal for everyday freestyle enthusiast looking for a wakestyle preforming kite in a 4 line, bridled design. KEY FEATURES - V3 bridle system. - Massive depower. - Wide range of use. - SLE (style relaunch). - Hardcore Construction details. - FBI (Fast Bladder Inflation) with anti-kink tubing. - Poly Load Frame Technology UNIqUE SELLING POINTS - Flatter Wing Tips Giving a more direct and c-kite feel through the turns. - 3 Strut Design - A great blend of weight saving and performance enhancing characteristics for riding increased Low - End and High End capabilities. - V3 Bridle - For more stability and rigidity when flying in gustier conditions TARGET USER Ideal for all-around riders looking for a more performance based product. These riders are performing more unhooked maneuvers, flying aggressively in the waves, and looking for the biggest boosting kite in the range.

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